Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Pvt. Ltd. has global design abbreviations that represent leadership and innovation as per market demands. Our vision is to create multi-level applications for life sciences and semiconductor sectors. By bringing onboard our integrated approach and consumer demands we visualize our dominance in the future of cleanrooms.


Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Pvt. Ltd. strives to follow its parent company in its journey to provide the best quality cleanroom solutions. We form alliances and collaborate with the best service providers to make scalable facilities with work ethics.


Our core values are a part of our regular business. They shape the work culture of the company and define how we design, develop and deliver. We believe in:

  • Upholding the global standards that shape standard cleanroom systems.
  • Our staff which adopts proven strategies for manufacturing products relevant to the sector.
  • Our priority is always ‘Customer-focus’ for a sustainable performance. 
  • Providing optimal & one stop solution for cleanroom turn-key project
  • Global network & experience

Corporate Data

Company Name: Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Pvt. Ltd.
Head Office: Plot no 116 IDA Bollaram Jinnaram Mandal Near Miyapur, Sangareddy Dt Telangana 502325 India
Established: 2001
President & CEO: Takuya Mori



Since the establishment of our company in 2001 as a joint venture between Indian and Italian capital, we have been providing the highest level of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant cleanrooms in India and around the world, mainly to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In July 2020, the Japanese company TAIKISHA, which has extensive experience in cleanroom air conditioning systems for pharmaceutical factories as well as electronic components and precision equipment factories, took a stake in the company. In February 2021, the company changed its name to NICOMAC TAIKISHA CLEAN ROOMS PVT. LTD. and began its journey as a one-stop provider of cleanroom construction.

We believe that a cleanroom is not just a room in a building, but an important and indispensable piece of manufacturing equipment that affects the quality of the products produced in it. In addition, in the spirit of "customer first," we continue to pay close attention to details in order to provide products of the highest quality.

With the deterioration of the global environment due to the increase in CO2 emissions and the global spread of new infectious diseases, the environment in which we live is becoming more challenging than ever before. However, with our roots in European technology and new genes inherited from India and Japan, we will continue to make unrelenting efforts to provide not only pharmaceutical plants around the world but also all industries that require cleanrooms with advanced clean spaces, while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Takuya Mori

Our Team

Nicomac Taikisha Clean Room Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most modern and efficient cleanroom plants in Asia. We manufacture in accordance with international QA and safety standards with state of the art European and Japanese machinery.

Location & Facilities

Plant No. 2 (Unit 2)
Plot n° 116, Ida Bollaram, Near Miyapur,
Hyderabad - India 502325

Ph.+91 95151 92020
[email protected]

Plant No. 1 (Unit 1)
Plot n. 10,Ida Bollaram,Near Miyapur,
Hyderabad-India 502325

Ph.+91 95151 92020
[email protected]

Policies at Work

We provide solutions that do not harm the local eco-system.

As part of our policies we keep in mind:

  • Sustainable raw materials that minimizes water usage and are energy efficient.
  • While developing designs our responsibility is towards the environment at the client’s installation site.
  • It is not easy to care for a sensitive environment. But our step-by-step methods include all variables related to cleanrooms.

About Parent Company, Taikisha Ltd.

Driven by the “Customers First” Mission Statement in place ever since its founding more than 100 years ago, Taikisha is a cutting-edge engineering company in the fields of “Energy, Air, and Water.”

Boasting an industry-leading network and track record in overseas markets, Taikisha delivers optimal environments for people, manufacturing, and the planet.

As a global corporation contributing to a smaller environmental footprint in numerous business domains, Taikisha endeavors to be an attractive company that perpetually grows and contributes to society by aiming to realize the shared global goals of the SDGs.