Nicomac Taikisha Modular Cleanrooms Features

Our cleanroom is the most advanced unique cleanroom system for pharmaceutical finished products and APIs, and for the food, dairy, biotechnology and electronics industries.


We can supply different kind of skin panel and insulation materials.

Skin panel


- High Pressure Plastic Laminate 4 mm thick

The perfect material for wall and ceiling panel for your cleanroom. HPL modular cleanroom walls are a composite construction of two skins of high-pressure plastic laminate consisting of layers of cellulose fibers that are impregnated with resins and subjected to a high-pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. This causes at the same time the fluidization and poly condensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous, anti-scratch, non-porous material, antibacterial laminate panel is completely sealed with aluminium framework.

  • High mechanical ANTI SCRATCH cleanroom material
  • Panel with inbuilt return air system.
  • Flush with any kind of accessories built in.
  • Easy panel cutting and possible jobsite modification during wall installation.
  • Resistant to cleaning agent and easy cleaning.

Scratch resistance ≥2 according to EN 438-2.20 - No maintenance - No dents - No microorganism growth - Resistant to hot water, steam used in pharmaceutical.


- Galvanized powder coated steel partitions with 0.8mm thick bent sheets

  • High mechanical resistance due to high thickness
  • 30mm–100mm with inbuilt return air incorporated
  • Resistant to low humidity and to high RH humidity variations
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and easy cleaning

More and more FDA and European standards are asking for full visibility of the cleanroom areas. This requirement is to reduce the need of accessing cleanrooms, thus reducing the possibility of contamination caused by people. Glass wall system, used for cleanroom walls, also enhances the working environment for operator by increasing luminosity. It is also proved that operators put more care in handling operations in areas with full glass cleanroom walls. Attractive and fully visible glass cleanroom wall systems can be supplied in any size requested. Glass walls can be easily assembled and disassembled for equipment integration without the need to remove ceiling and flooring profiles. FDA inspectors welcome glass walls because it allows for inspections of cleanroom system areas without entering and risking contamination. For secondary areas,

  • A true modular cleanroom system
  • Cleanroom glass wall allowing full visibility and access to natural light
  • Cleanroom system with unique attractive design
  • Easy to supervise operations in the cleanroom area

Attractive appearance with fully visibility and natural light exposure


- Stainless steel AISI 304 wall panel

Bent sheets at four sides with bent crack resistance Class T according EN13523-7 - First Class pre coated 150µ steel - Heavy structure framework with 0.8 mm thickness sheet - Strength limit 270 N/mm2 - Length extension percentage 22%


Galvanized powder coated steel partitions with 0.8mm thick bent sheets and unplasticized 100µ PVC (uPVC) coating insulation material

Insulation materials

  • PUR High density polyurethane 40±2kg/m3
  • PIR Polyisocyanurate 40±2kg/m3 (Class B1)
  • Rock wool 96kg/m3
  • Honeycomb aluminum


Flexible and easy to assemble, it can be installed before or after wall cleanroom installation, sitting on top of the walls or leaving the walls protruding above ceiling, room by room. This kind of false ceiling is made by means of insulation sandwiched between two layers of metal sheets of epoxy powder coating. All sides are closed by frame.

The result is a perfectly smooth and coplanar cleanroom surface that is very easy to clean. The bearing aluminum profile is housed by clicking-in between panels. There is a threaded tension bar, with an adjustment ring, to be fastened to the existing ceiling.

  • Framework for cleanroom filters and light fixture
  • Certified walk on ceiling panel
  • High mechanical resistance


We offer both single and double swing doors, in a variety of sizes.

Our doors have rounded profiles, no visible screws, double gaskets, in the frame and in the leaf with automatic drop seal at floor allowing a full tight system.

We provide manual or automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors.

Available accessories

  • Door kick plate
  • Self closing system
  • Programmable logic interlocks
  • Controlled access systems
  • Light touch sensor


All window units for our modular cleanroom system are double glazed, and fit flush with both surfaces of the wall panel system. Each unit is constructed of two 6 mm toughened glass. It is completely silicone sealed and includes a micro-perforation profile with an integral silica gel moisture condense absorption system. The window system is especially designed for the cleaning needs of the pharmaceutical cleanroom, and designed to eliminate fogging. Rounded or square corners add to the strength of the cleanroom window unit and enhance their appearance.

  • Fully flush to wall
  • Unique rounded corners available
  • Full glass panels available
  • Any size available
  • No condensation / fogging effect
  • Safety glass


“Air Infection Block Plus,” a transportable high-performance air barrier unit that can reduce the risk of exposure to the virus infection simply through installation in a required place such as when healthcare professional performs medical procedures with patients in face-to face or when medical examinations via specimen collection for PCR tests, etc.

  • Blocking Bidirectional Air Migration
  • Sterilization and Virus Inactivation
  • Easy to Move and Install
  • Adjustment of the Opening according to the Treatment Posture
  • Cleaning the entire room air


  • With UV lights
  • Static pass box
  • Dynamic pass box
  • Mechanical or electronic interlocks
  • Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Timed controlled opening
  • Available in custom sizes

Sampling and Dispensing Booths

LAF (Laminar Air Flow Cabinet)

Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom accessories are key components to avoid dust deposits and allow perfect cleaning.

Below are the standard accessories required for cleanroom construction.

  • Coving : R-70 / R-50 mm
  • 3D, 2D corner covings
  • External vertical corner etc.
  • Cross over benches
  • Lockers