Cleanroom solutions with great flexibility to meet your needs


The planning of any cleanroom design largely depends on the purpose it will serve. Some factors are critical to building cleanrooms properly. Our clients choose our expertise depending on the industry or business they represent.

Modern design processes involve:

  • The most advanced technology with high quality meeting c-GMP, attractive appearance and aesthetics.
  • Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms always uses first class material.
  • Our team is well trained and always look for value addition in design and execution.
  • Certified and technologically advanced solutions for any cleanroom need.
  • We are flexible and we make tailor-made projects as per customer’s choice.
  • We offer methodical, reliable and efficient solutions by providing the options to integrate utilities into the cleanroom system.
  • Our cleanroom system ensures perfect hygiene.
  • Meticulous attention to every single detail and thoroughly adheres to the relevant standards in creating contamination-free environments to any sector, application or process.
  • Our team builds new solutions every day and is constantly increasing its know-how through contact with its worldwide clients.
  • A global specialist in cleanroom design, manufacture and construction.
  • As we use our own manufacturing units, we are able to provide a high-quality cleanroom systems.
  • Our own Research and Development department works for efficient solutions on developing new products, design, technical infrastructure and safety persistently.
  • With modular design, individual elements of cleanrooms can be easily relocated or replaced even after assembly.
  • Our partitions are also available as special customized solutions, such as fire protection, acoustic insulation, and visible corridors, etc. Of course our wall systems can be easily combined with our flooring and ceiling systems.

Choose us and you will have access to state-of-the-art technical expertise and knowledge. Our professional team performs all developments in a structured manner with practical know-how of more than 30 years.

Take a look at the Key factors for Quality of cleanroom development by Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms to know why we are the right choice for manufacturing and installation.

Key factors for Quality

  • 1Innovative design choices
  • 2Professional project management
  • 3Active and flexible organization
  • 4Internationally certified materials
  • 5Care paid to the fine details
  • 6Skilled and experienced site installers
  • 7Respect of time schedules
  • 8Fast and proactive communication
  • 9Open and flexible partnership with our clients


Nicomac, India's leading provider of high quality cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, and Taikisha, a company with a turnkey delivery record of cleanroom for a wide range of industries and a unique technology developed over 100 years of history, have come together to form Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Pvt. Ltd.

This enables us to provide our customers with the most up-to-date, optimal, and high quality cleanroom solution services than ever before. In addition, the global network services of Taikisha, which has a proven track record of installation in 60 countries and regions around the world, will provide one-stop support for the cleanroom systems of customers operating and working around the world.

Nicomac Taikisha Clean Rooms Pvt. Ltd. will provide the best technology and services for your project, not only for cleanrooms, but also for new construction facilities and renewal for energy saving and environmental pollution prevention.



Taikisha Ltd. as a Blue Earth Engineering Company

Taikisha Ltd. is engaged in engineering services that help protect the atmosphere and oceans and preserve the “blue earth” by reducing environmental impact. Since its establishment in 1913, the company has been providing solutions that contribute to measures against air pollution, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and effective use of energy, by utilizing the world’s most advanced technologies with a focus on energy conservation and exhaust treatment.

We also have overseas subsidiaries in about 20 countries, and while utilizing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated there, we provide environmental load reduction technologies cultivated in Japan, a country with advanced environmental technologies, to sites around the world. We have established a system to realize the “Taikisha quality” originating from Japan in every region, and our construction results to date are the best in the industry, covering about 60 countries and regions around the world.

Taikisha Ltd. is proud of its unique and advanced technological capabilities.

Taikisha Ltd. has already become one of the world's leading companies in the design and construction of coating plants for automobiles and other vehicles by utilizing the environmental load reduction technology that optimally controls "energy, air, and water" cultivated in the air conditioning field.

Taikisha Ltd.'s advanced technology for optimally controlling "energy, air, and water" is utilized in cleanrooms installed in production plants and research facilities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, where the maintenance of sterile conditions, temperature control, and the handling of hazardous substances are extremely strict and require huge amounts of power consumption.

Taikisha Ltd. has also been expanding the scope of its environmental engineering field with unique technologies over the years, such as the development of fully artificial light and hydroponic plant factories.